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Looking for some word cheats? you are in the right place then! we at the wordfeud helper feel pride to provide the word gamers with the very best word game tools including Words with Friends helper, Word Chum cheat, Scrabble Solvers and the best word helper in the business.

Wordfeud Helper

 Look up words for wordfeud

View the Wordfeud words available to you when you input your letters. Use our powerful Wordfeud Helper tool to find out the best wordfeud words and beat any of your opponents like friends, family and strangers.

How to use a Wordfeud Helper?

In the following three easy steps you can see which Wordfeud words you can make from wordfeud letters:

Step 1) Enter your wordfeud letters and press enter or click on the Find Words button to find words.
Step 2) The wordfeud helper will present all the possible word cheats and combinations in different sections.
Step 3) Click on Reset button and repeat Step 1.

As soon as you press the Find Words button our powerful wordfeud helper tool starts finding the best wordfeud words for you. Within a blink of an eye, the wordfeud generator tool will represent the best words for you in different sections below starting from smallest words to largest words e.g 2 letter words, 3 letter words, 4 letter words, 5 letter words and so on.

In our powerful wordfeud word generator tool, you can put up to 12 letters to find words. You can also put 7 letter words in the wordfeud app to beat your opponents.

How does wordfeud helper work?

  • Wordfeud generates the best words wordfeud helper netherlands
  • Increases your words vocabulary
  • Finds out the best words for you to beat your opponents
  • Provides a words dictionary from letters A-Z

The wordfeud helper is also known as wordfeud words generator that helps the game players to get the best helping words to beat their opponents. Our Wordfeud Helper tool is always helpful for those players who want to make words from wordfeud letters to beat their friends. The purpose of making this powerful helper tool is to find the best wordfeud words so that our players always win the game.

How does wordfeud helper help?

Hundreds of thousands of Dutch people use Wordfeud Helper in the Netherlands. But what are the limitations? What happens when Wordfeud helper helps and Wordfeud cheats?

The answer to this question is unfortunately not one-sided. By using a Wordfeud Cheat, you can rapidly score as many points as possible. It does not matter how long the words are or how difficult they are. It is reported that a group of Wordfeud players immediately exits if they sense that their opponents are using it.

There are too many reasons to use a Wordfeud Helper tool, but the very basic reason is to use the word generator. As we have discussed earlier, the word generator tool generates the words from letters for wordfeud players to help them beat their opponents in the game.

Besides making words, there is a large group of people who enjoy consulting Wordfeud’s word list. But not everyone can handle the most difficult letters like Q , Y , X , or C .

As a last resort, one may wish to refer to Wordfeud’s dictionary to see if the created word exists.

About Wordfeud Game

Wordfeud is a multiplayer online nederlands wordcheat game that is similar to words with friends generator and scrabble cheat words, but it has its own twists and perks. If you look at the wordfeud gameboard very first time, it may appear to you like the other word board games you are already familiar with. However in wordfeud nl, if you are seeking a more adventurous challenge, the wordfeud provides you with the option to customize your own board game. So you can play with your friends or with completely stranger players. To play with your friends and family, all you need to do is register yourself with your name and email.

In wordfeud you can keep your vocabulary strong, as you can play up to 30 ongoing games at a time with your family, friends or strangers. Originally, the game was developed by Haakon Bertheussen in 2010 based on the principle of scrabble. You can play this game in multiple languages like Dutch (spaans), English, Danish (dansk), Spanish, Norwegian (norsk), Swedish and French. The game can also be played on different mobile devices like android, iPhone and windows phone. Click here to see user reviews.

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Wordfeud Rules

  • You have a choice either a standard board or a random board.
  • To start the game each player will be given 7 tiles, after each play the player should keep refilling their rack until they have 7 more tiles once more. Once the tiles are finished in the game, the player will keep using the rest of the tiles until you or your opponent wins the game. There are a total number of 104 tiles in each game, as follows:
LetterPointsNumber of Tiles
  • The player who starts the game makes the first move.
  • The first tiles on the game board must cover the start in the middle of the board.
  • Words can be played either horizontally or vertically.
  • When the first word is placed, you can only play a word connecting to the existing words on the board.
  • You can play a word within 72 hours. Otherwise, you will lose the game.
  • Each tile has both values consonants and vowels.
  • A blank tile AKA a wildcard can be used as any letter but has worth 0 points.
  • In wordfeud game, DL stands for Double Letter value, TL stands for Triple Letter value, DW stands for Double Words count and TW stands for Triple Words count.
  • BINGO: When all the 7 tiles are used in single short, it is called bingo and adds up to 40 points.
  • In case the player can not form a word, they have the option to pass their turn, three passes in a row is a loss of game.

Wordfeud Help Generator

So, if you are playing the wordfeud letters game in nederlands and you need some help before your 72 hours or up? there is good news for you that you can use a wordfeud cheat app which can help you in solving your problems before its too late. Or the best option is switching to wordfeud cheat board, which helps you play the highest words every turn.

Tips and Tricks to Win the Wordfeud English

Do you want to blow your opponents away on the game board? here is the most popular wordfeud helper english nl, all you need is to enter wordfeud letters and online generator will present all the possible word choices and combinations. In this way, you can win any match easily against your friends, family or strangers.

Top 5 interesting facts about wordfeud helper nederlands

  1. Wordfued League of Honour

In wordfeud league of honour, you can play multiple tournaments with the two players game app. Which includes more games than just wordfeud. These game apps can be easily downloaded on any smartphone (android, ios).

  1. Languages

As we have mentioned above, the wordfeud can be played in multiple languages and each language has its own full dictionary as well. The supported languages are as follows:

  • English
  • Dutch (spaans)
  • French
  • Danish (dansk)
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian (norsk)
  1. Wordfeud vs Scrabble and Words with Friends

Want to know which game is most popular among wordfeud, scrabble and words with friends? Well according to word games users reviews, the wordfeud has more game modes as compared to words with friends and can be played in multiple languages and each language has its own dictionary. On the other hand, it is said that scrabble is much slower than the wordfeud.

  1. Up to 30 games at a time and multiplayer capabilities

Wordfeud game has the unique capability that you can play up to 30 games with multiplayer functionality all at the same time with your family, friends, classmates and even with strangers.

  1. Free Words Game

More interestingly, you can have all this fun for free. Yes, you heard right. The wordfeud game is absolutely free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is wordfeud?

Wordfeud is a multiplayer online words game. You can play up to 30 ongoing games at a time with your friends, family and strangers. All you need to do is register yourself with your name and email.

  • How to Play Wordfeud? 

There are some rules to play the game, Click here to see the wordfeud rules.

  • What is Wordfeud Helper? 

Wordfeud Helper is a free words cheat tool. By using this tool you can easily make words from letters by simply entering your letters into the letters field.

  • How Does Wordfeud Helper Works? 

All you need to do is enter your letters and online generator will present all the possible word choices and combinations.

  • Is there a Wordfeud Dictionary?

Yes, Wordfeud can be played in multiple languages and each language has its own dictionary. Click here to see all wordfeud words from a-z.

  • Is it possible to tell if someone is using wordfeud helper?

Observing someone very closely is the best way to find out if they are cheating. When a word is put in an impossible position or if all letters are played on the board, the opponent is suspected of cheating.

When someone uses a Wordfeud Helper, it doesn’t show up in the Wordfeud app. In other words, you will have to judge for yourself whether your opponent wrote every word himself or whether he sought help online.


  • Do wordfeud helpers differ?

Generally, we search for the term Wordfeud Helper quite often. Since we all know what Wordfeud Helper is, we can also call it Wordfeud word generator.

There are still differences amongst them, even though they all perform almost the same function: creating Wordfeud words. The main differences are speed, website structure, tool results, accuracy, user-friendliness, and how up-to-date the website is.

Many websites aren’t updating their Wordfeud glossaries, or they aren’t optimized for mobile devices. There are also some websites lacking Dutch language support. This is somewhat strange if you’re looking for a Dutch Wordfeud Helper.

“We at toilet duck recommend toilet duck,” is a slogan that everyone knows. It applies here as well. If you’re looking for the best Wordfeud helper, visit thewordfeudhelper.com. You can also check out the Wikipedia page of Wordfeud where they describe it as a Word generator only.  

For years, thewordfeudhelper.com has been offering a fast, accurate, user-friendly word generator tool, a complete list of words for difficult letters, tips and tricks, FAQs, game information and much more.

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