Three Letter Words

We have compiled a list of useful three letter words to help you out of any tricky situation! Check out these lists too: Two-letter words and Seven-letter words!

three letter words

Three Letter Words

The key to any Scrabble-like game is learning how to make multiple words from three-letter words and four-letter words. You will play more three- and four-letter words in Scrabble than any other game.


The Most Common Three Letter Words

There are two other common words besides THE, END and YOU.

  • YOU can also use up a U if your opponent is stuck with the Q in the end game if you have duplicated Us, which is downright awful. Additionally, you can discard an O if you have duplicated Us in your hand.
  • Ending with an END can also be useful in the end game when almost all of the vowels are used and consonants have to be discarded.

There are a number of three letter words beginning with Z, among them AZO, ZAP, ZIP, and ZEN. Also, there is a fun word in ZAX, which is an AX used for cutting roofing slates. A three-letter word can score between 62 and 70 points if you can score it on the right triple square! All but a few bingos don’t score that well with the X.

There is only one 3 letter word ending in Q: SUQ. HAJ, RAJ, and TAJ are the only three three letter words ending in J. Although you won’t be able to hook the J quite as well as the X, you’ll still score fairly well with these 3 letter words that end with J.

3-Letter Words Frequently Asked Questions

In English, how many words have three letters?

One thousand and sixty-five three-letter words are listed in Volume 6 of the Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary.

Which words have three letters with S in them?

They are as follows: BUS, SIX, YES, GAS, SET, SIM, WAS

What is the most common word with three letters?

There’s only one word that I know. The most common word in the English language is THE!

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