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Looking for Wordfeud Tips and Tricks? wordfeud is not only a words game but also a math and strategical game. Your vocabulary is increasing already if you know the basic wordfeud rules, now you should start developing your tactical skills and you will quickly become a better wordfeud player.

In this wordfeud tips and tricks page, we have added some important points for you to think about when playing the game.

Tips and Tricks to Win the Wordfeud English

  • On a standard board, there are some orange or red square areas. Don’t let your opponent put a word that crosses a orange or red square/position. There are total 8 such dangerous areas on a standard board. Be very careful playing words towards these dangerous areas. Wait until your opponent does it and take advantage of it.
  • Want to get Bingo and some extra points? always save your good tiles so you can play 1 word using all of your tiles in one play. This will trigger a Bingo and you will get 40 extra points. Good tiles are normally letters and you can find them in many word endings, this makes it a lot easier to play 7 letter words.
  • Learn the short words J, Q, X and Z that include high valued letter. Use the search/generator tool to identify possible words and learn them by your heart.
  • Always try to maintain a balance between the vowels and consonants that are on your ‘plank’, so that you don’t get stuck and have to let the turn pass.
  • Play as tight as you can to not give your opponent the possibility to play Bingo.
  • Do not play 5 or 6 tiles if you can not use your 7 tiles, as it would be easy for your opponent to get a long word with only a word ending if you play it up for him.
  • Try to play short words in the area that is already used, with not more than 1 tile sticking out from the area. In this way, your opponent won’t be able to use it to play and use the bonus squares.
  • Use the letter J as well. It should be placed on a DL or TL square.
  • Do not enter the endgame with only consonants and X that won’t go out, swap tiles before there are only 7 tiles left in the bag.
  • Most car brands are allowed in the game.
  • Try to use the words even you don’t know them, as you won’t lose anything if you try different word combinations. In this way, you will learn more words to increase your vocabulary.
  • Count the tiles that you and your opponent has played, in this way you better know which tiles are played and which tiles are left on both sides and make good use of them.

Do you want to blow your opponents away on the game board? here is the most popular wordfeud helper english nl, all you need is to enter wordfeud letters and online generator will present all the possible word choices and combinations. In this way, you can win any match easily against your friends, family or strangers.

There are some Wordfeud Rules that most of the people even doesn’t know about them and they miss the opportunities they could have while playing the game. If you know all these rules, you can easily beat your opponents to win the game. Click here to read about the Wordfeud rules.

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