Wordfeud Dictionary Rules 2022

On this page, we will answer all of your questions about the Wordfeud dictionary. Over the years, Wordfeud has become a popular game among Dutch people.

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Wordfeud Dictionary Rules

On this page, we will answer all of your questions about the Wordfeud dictionary. Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

The Wordfeud Dictionary: How to play Wordfeud?

Over the years, Wordfeud has become popular among Dutch smartphone and tablet users. Additionally, Wordfeud for Computers was introduced at the beginning of this year.

But, How do I know what Wordfeud’s rules are? And why have not all of my Wordfeud words been approved? Take a look at the Wordfeud dictionary, and we can make a pretty good guess that thewordfeudhelper.com isn’t going to be your Wordfeud helper.

Wordfeud dictionary


Wordfeud dictionary: Where does it come from?

The developer of the Norwegian game “Haakon Bertheussen”, during the rise of Wordfeud, selected the Opentaal word list as its word list in October 2011. In an attempt to simplify the glossary, only capital letters were removed, and Wordfeud was created for the Netherlands.

A new dictionary has been added after receiving numerous comments from app users. A Dutch company, Taaltik, took over the glossary and has been maintaining it since.


Wordfeud words that begin with capital letters will be excluded. You may write the same word in lowercase letters in exception to this rule. In that case, the Wordfeud word is permitted.

An example of capitalization in Wordfeud:

Greek as in restaurant is allowed
Greek as in person is not allowed

Short wordfeud words

According to Wordfeud’s dictionary, the rules of Scrabblebond are followed. All two acronyms and all three acronyms must also adhere to these rules. The rule does not always apply, as there are a number of exceptions.

A few of them are as follows:

HIV is accepted by Wordfeud, where the Scrabblebond does not
Internet domains are not accepted

Term Abbreviations

There are many abbreviations used in Wordfeuds, especially when laying out the last letters. To determine whether an abbreviation contains dots, we look at how it is pronounced and if there are dots in it.

A few examples are provided below:

Approx. Pronounced as sirkaa. The word has a period and is therefore not allowed.
TV is pronounced differently, namely tee vee. This abbreviation is therefore not accepted.
Havo is an abbreviation that is spelled out (again the word) and is therefore allowed according to the Wordfeud dictionary.

The derivatives shorten words

When it comes to nouns, if the nouns are permitted, then derivatives are usually allowed as well. Here are a few examples of Wordfeud words derived from each other

Car and cars
Ball and ball
doll and doll

The Adjectives

A derivative word can also be an adjective. Examples of acceptable Wordfeud words are:

Big, big, Bigger, bigger, Biggest, biggest

Unlike the small and medium sizes, the large and large sizes are more difficult to judge, as they can only be used in relation to someone’s personal property.

The Wordfeud verbs

Wordfeud accepts verbs of all types. Examples include:

walk, walked, walked, walking

The above explanation also stands for thewordfeudhelper.com the word feud helper in a simpler format.


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